Physical Examinations of Sexual Assault Pocket Atlas, Vol. 1: Assault Histories

With over 500 images, Physical Examinations of Sexual Assault Pocket Atlas, Volume 1: Assault Histories is the first of a 2-volume set of forensic pocket atlases. This book is an essential, visual guide to fully understand common and uncommon cases of sexual assault. For medical and law professionals, this guide will help quickly and accurately identify sexual assault.

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Physical Examinations of Sexual Assault Pocket Atlas
Volume 1: Assault Histories

Physical Examinations of Sexual Assault Pocket Atlas, Vol. 1: Assault Histories includes over 500 full-color examination photos demonstrating both common and unusual findings in cases of sexual assault across the life span. These photos include case studies written by attending medical practitioners, providing valuable insight into findings in each case. With a convenient visual reference at the ready, sexual assault response team members in medicine, law enforcement, and in any other profession involved with assault investigation will be prepared to make fast and effective assessments in the field.

In cases of sexual assault, it is important that investigators and care providers be able to respond quickly and appropriately in examining survivors, not only to ensure their health and safety but also to preserve any physical evidence left by the perpetrator. In such cases, a convenient visual reference can provide valuable support to investigators in making a timely and accurate assessment.

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Perfect Bound 9×6 inches
236 pages, 666 images, 21 contributors


Physicians, Emergency Physicians, Pediatricians, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners, Forensic Nurses, Emergency Nurses, Pediatric Nurses, Law Enforcement Personnel, Prosecutors, Social Workers, Child Protection Professionals, College and Medical Library Administrators

Publication date:

February 2016


978-1-936590-48-3 (Print)
978-1-936590-68-1 (eBook)

Table of Contents

Section I. Prepubertal
1. Neonate and Infant Sexual Abuse (0-3 Years Old)
2. Young Child Sexual Abuse (4-8 Years Old)
3. Preadolescent Sexual Abuse (9-12 Years Old)

Section II. Pubertal
4. Adolescent Sexual Abuse and Assault (13-17 Years Old)

Section III. Adult
5. Adult Sexual Assault (18-39 Years Old)
6. Middle-Aged Sexual Assault (40-64 Years Old)
7. Elderly Sexual Assault (65 Years and Older)


Diana Faugno, a Minnesota native, graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1973 with a degree in nursing and obtained an MSN in 2006. Her professional experience includes nursing in the Medical/Surgical, Labor and Delivery, Pediatrics, and Neonatal Intensive Care departments. Ms. Faugno obtained her certification in pediatric nursing in 1990, began a career as a sexual assault nurse examiner in 1991, and became a certified sexual assault nurse examiner in 2002. She is the former director of Forensic Health Services, which includes a child abuse program, sexual assault team, and a family violence program in North San Diego County. Currently, Ms. Faugno is a board director for End Violence Against Women International. She has made several presentations to the scientific community and has led workshops on sexual assault presented at the American Academy of Science.

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Mary J. Spencer, MD

Mary Spencer is medical director of the Child Abuse Program and the Sexual Abuse Response Team at Palomar-Pomerado Health in North San Diego County. She received her BA from the University of Colorado and MD from the University of California-Los Angeles. After medical school, Mary Spencer completed a residency in pediatrics and a fellowship in pediatric infectious diseases at UCLA and worked as an assistant professor at the school until 1982. Currently, she is a clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of California-San Diego and has a private practice in pediatric and infectious disease medicine in Escondido.

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Angelo P. Giardino, MD, PhD

Angelo Giardino is the medical director of Texas Children’s Health Plan, a clinical associate professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, and an attending physician for the Texas Children’s Hospital’s forensic pediatrics service at the Children’s Assessment Center in Houston, Texas. Angelo Giardino completed his residency and fellowship training in pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Immediately after his fellowship training, Angelo Giardino became the assistant, and then the associate, medical director at Health Partners of Philadelphia, where he had primary responsibility for utilization management, intensive case management, and health care data analysis. He also shared responsibility for the plan’s quality improvement program. Additionally, he began the Child Abuse and Neglect Team for Children with Special Health Care Needs, which was funded by a three-year grant from a local philanthropy. In 1998, he was appointed associate chair of clinical operations in the Department of Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and in June of 1999 he was asked to chair the CHOP Quality Committee. These accomplishments are only a few of his career.

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